Electrical Engineering

Business Development Asia

Electrical Drawings

ATa Services provides electrical design for industrial processing facility.

We provide complete solutions from designing to commissioning.


ATa Services offer value added consulting services for your projects:

  • Pre-project planning,
  •  Project value engineering,
  • Power & control system documentation,
  • Electrical budget estimation,
  •  Electrical & Instrumentation system design. 

Project Engineering:

Electrical load requirement, M.C.C Panel Design, Cable tray routing, Cable sizes & specification, etc.

  • Detail Design Review,
  • Site co-ordination & inspection,
  • Commissioning & Trouble shooting.    

Typical Design Includes:

  • P&ID diagrams,
  • Instrumentation Loop Diagrams,
  •  Safety Systems,
  • Electrical Panel Design,
  • Wiring Plans,
  • Motor controls,
  • Designing of control valves,
  • PLC design system. 

Inspection / Expedition:

ATa Services ensures complete control over supplier’s activity after order placement.

ATa Services makes sure your procurement needs are manufactured without any Technical flaw & ensure timely delivery of material.


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