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Business Development Asia

We specialized in SEO business for your website. The easy way to increase your traffic and sales!
Web Design & Development
Today’s customers expect businesses to have a
web site. There’s no getting around that fact
But what’s a website worth to you if it’s not getting results? Nothing, right?
Having a web site that no one goes to is like
having thousands of brochures sitting in your
basement, growing moldy andwasting money.
Ask yourself these questions to
see if your web site is an effective sales tool:
Can your customers find your website on
  Search Engine with some keywords?
How many traffic do you have per day?
How many new customers contact you thanks
  to your website?
What’s your competitors situation with SEO?
Have you ever gone that far to find something?
And then the most important.
Do your customers can find your website?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Welcome! We are one of the fastest growing
organisations within the SEO (Search Engine –
Optimization) industry. This is largely due to two
factors,which are the proven affordable results
we create and the simple scalable way in which
the company operates.

What’s SEO
Search engine optimization is a method of getting
your website to rank higher in search engines
such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. A search engine
optimization campaign pairs on-site optimization
with off-site tactics, which means you make
changes to your site itself while building a portfolio
of natural looking back links to increase your
organic rankings.
When Internet users search for your products or
services, your website needs to be the first one
they find. SEO helps the search engines recognize
your relevance to specific keywords that people
search for online. The search engine optimization
process includes researching keywords, creating
content, building links and making sure your
website is visible in the search engines.
We will optimize your website with all of those
search engine.
Some of our success!
J-TEC Material Handling, the Process   
Technology Branch of the Katoen Natie Group,
offers more  than 40 years of experience in
dosing, feeding, processing and storage… of liquid and solid ingredients, around the globe.
You can find J-TEC website on first google page
with those following key words:
 Pneumatic transfer Asia
 Lean phase transfer
 Lean phase Asia
  Conveying Asia
 Silos Asia
 Dosing and weighing Asia , Dosing &               weighing Asia
 Mixing and dissolving
 Dedusting Asia
 Packaging and conditioning
 Solids and liquids handling
 Liquids handling Asia
 Reception and storage
 Pellets and liquids
 Extrusion and compounding
 Rotary sieves Asia
 Vibratory sieves Asia
 Bag dumping stations Asia
 Big bags Asia
 Material Handling – Sieving
 Material Handling – Mixing

ATa Services
You can find ATa Services website on first
google page with those following key words:
 Business development Asia
 Engineering drawings Asia
 Automation engineering Asia
 Sourcing services Asia
 Office facilities Asia

For more than 90 years, POITTEMILL / FORPLEX
has beendesigning innovative solutions in fine     milling process.
You can find POITTEMILL Asia website on first
google page with those following key words:
 Fine milling process
 Grinding mill Asia
 Roller mill Asia
 Roller crusher Asia
 Jet mill Asia
 Classifier mill Asia
 Attrition mill Asia
 Universal mill Asia
 Air classifier mill Asia
 Lump breakers Asia
 Roller crusher Asia
 Rotary sieve Asia
 Cryogenic Screw
       Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our web site:

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